Posted by Carl Rosen on Sunday, December 8, 2019


Whether you're seeking a capable furrier for your fur repair needs or would like to have your fur coat cleaned, Henri Kessler Furs & Outerwear has over 100 years of combined fur experience. There is nothing related to quality furs that we can't handle.

When it comes to repairing furs, time is of the essence. Before the tear or fray gets worse, consult Roanoke's trusted local furriers at Henri Kessler Furs & Outerwear. In the same way that having your fur coat dry cleaned isn't a good idea, taking your fur coat to a seamstress for repairs is not a viable option. Fur repairs and cleanings require an expertise different than the repair service needed for of a pair of pants or a blouse. The products to properly repair and clean a fur item are only found here.

Call us at Henri Kessler Furs & Outerwear for all of your leather and fur coat repair or cleaning needs.

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In addition to being expert furriers, Henri Kessler Furs & Outerwear is also Roanoke's local boutique for beautiful, exotic furs and leathers from around the world. If you are looking for rain wear, scarfs or cloth coats, we can help with that, too. Being accomplished furriers and having great taste when it comes to fur and leather wear go hand in hand. We carry only the most tasteful collection of outerwear. With the locals in and around Roanoke in mind, our fur and leather boutique includes apparel designed to keep you comfortable in that damp, cool weather we are so familiar with. The same goes for our outerwear collection.

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Experience the most exciting collection of furs and outerwear from markets around the world, offered by Southwest Virginia's only full service furrier. Fur, luxury fabrics, rainwear, shearling, hats and accessories are all represented here. All of our merchandise is hand selected for its value, quality, beauty and fit.

As full-service furriers we offer: temperature and humidity controlled cold storage, cleaning and glazing, restyling, repairs and appraisals.Our cold storage vault is a state of the art design and the only cold storage vault in Southwest Virginia.

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