Fur Storage

One of the most important factors involved in preserving your furs is storing them correctly. Henri Kessler Furs & Outerwear offers cold fur storage to ensure that your furs stay in the best shape.

The science behind cold storage is simple. As the temperature decreases, molecular activity slows down. By slowing down molecular activity we, in turn, slow down the bio-degradation of natural oils and leathers. The loss of natural oils is devastating to furs and leather, causing vast deterioration and drying. This eventually leads to breakages and rips that could have otherwise been avoided.

We have found a number of specifications that lead to optimal preservation and security conditions. These include:

  • 48° Fahrenheit / 9 degree Celsius
  • 50 % humidity level that ensures the air is neither too dry nor too damp
  • Minimal UV light exposure
  • Ample space for each garment
  • Theft protection alarm system
  • Vermin and insect proof facilities

Our cold storage is easily accessible! Your furs can be retrieved with one day’s notice.